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How It All Started

After gaining a degree from the University of Maryland, she moved to Italy for an extended time, where a growing desire to paint drove her to study art history and to pick up the paint brush she had once wielded as a child.

She began her art career in Washington D.C. gaining employment at the National Gallery of Art. Having been inspired by her time in Italy she began voraciously studying Art and Art History in D.C. at American University and George Washington University. Later she married and moved to Miami, Florida, continuing her studies in Art and Art History at the University of Miami, and painted regularly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While living in Florida she became an award-winning artist, receiving many awards for her paintings including 'Best of Florida' by the National Pen Woman's Association at their statewide competition

Many years later Miller moved to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (Big Island) and founded Seaside Art Gallery. At this gallery Miller paints (including commissions), greets visitors and shows her works. Her gallery offers a variety of fine originals, gicleés and prints.

Miller's art includes watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, collage, encaustic, and multi-media pieces. Her unique and incredible "Green Design" pieces are hallmarked by natural fibers (e.g. banana bark) and materials (e.g. peacock feathers). She uses a large variety of materials in her art, including hand made papers, woven raffia, bamboo, silk, grass cloth and pounded mulberry bark (known as tapa in most of the world, and kapa in Hawaii).

She is a former board member of The American Society for Interior Designers (still a member of the ASID as an industry partner), and, a variety of her numerous works have been custom integrated by designers into homes and businesses, bringing balance and beauty. Her paintings have hung in fine hotels, condominiums, galleries, and homes throughout the world.

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